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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PST

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installation we appreciate the musical enter lewd we're fortunate in educating the whole child the musical art's has he never been seen as a part the core curriculum you're seeing it this evening how about another round of applause for the performanceers ladies and gentlemen, we're honored for everyone's attendance i want to recognize elected officials and not able amongst us i want to first of all recognize the other members of the brvksz who are here i'd like to recognize president fewer thank you for being here. (clapping.) i'd like to recognize commissioner haney for being here (clapping) commissioner wynns for being here
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(clapping) and commissioner norton for also being here thank you (clapping) and i also want to thank our immediate past commissioner commissioner maufas for being here member of our city family supervisor jane kim thank you for being here (clapping) supervisor eric mar (clapping) supervisor president tang supervisor president tang thank you for being able being here and supervisor yee thank you for being here i'd like to recognize as well our public defender jeff thank you, sir and i'm going to apologize up front if i forgot someone i also want to thank one of our folks from the city college raphael for being here
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thank you our partners are trusted colleagues chandelier from the college i'd like to thank the president of the community college virginia for being here thank you, president (clapping) i'd like to thank mr. jim salinas president of the latino democratic club thank you for being here, sir (clapping.) we have another mayor mayor chris brown the mayor of the city of hawthorne thank you for being here, sir (clapping) and i'd like to thank the leadership thought you united educators our president dennis kelly and the executive vice
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president susan solomon thank you (clapping) and because i can't help myself the young lady her grandmother is an officer with ucsf ms. carolyn is a month thank you for sharing our granddaughters talent if i forgot someone i'll come back and reading your name but i'd like to invite our newly worn in commissioners came forward and share a few remarks i'd like to start with hydra mendosa mcdonald please come forward (clapping) (clapping). >> good evening. >> good evening. >> well here we are again and what a true honor and prim
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1942 to be re-elected to serve a third term son the san francisco board of education i want to start by thanking important people i'll try to get through this any mom and dad from washington and thank for instilling a strong work ethic and reminding me how important family and friends are they celebrated they're in between in december and in july my mom will be 89 (clapping) (clapping.) so a big super thank you for being here and passing on green genes to my pro felix and peter for making me laugh and cry but being terrific friends and to our children to my amazing
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children you were in are third and sixth grade had i started on sideboard now your enjoying college in spain and is a to say you have also been my purpose and cause and my greater inspiration i want to thank you for your patience and understanding and making me so proud each and every day i love you so very much and to my best fan and volunteer every four years ago eric vord on any re-election campaign and 3 years later, he proposed during a public comment during our school board he meetings you've been the best husband and friend i want to thank you for your incredible support and macro me building i can do anything
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mayor ed lee i want to thank you for trusting me and making education a priority in our city and to the extended elected colleagues at the city hall and my personal and political consultants with confusions and all the democratic clubs and communities that endorsed me, you kept me humble and strong and made me be the best during the challenging time thank you this year is the start of my ethnic year on the school board i know what a privilege it is to serve in this dual role i don't think everyone appreciates this available relationship in a aide that has no jurisdiction over the public schools but relies on
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the support of our families the success of our students are deeply impacting our stability and cultural preservation and our sustained over all health and success of our city how we honor our kid is how we believe our city can and should be our young people are that an investment a blast for us to insure growth and opportunity to building in and have hope with each generation theres more and better for them than what we had for ourselves it's the larger picture for our goals i condominium my work and value my role as the bridge to make sure that unified school district gets all the support and resources from our great city our former mayor and lieutenant
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governor newsom has been a champion and we're setting a partnership u partnership that will become the rule we know and understand that school districts can't do this alone our growth and success and challenges are better met together over the last few years i've expend my professional growth and success and challenges whether letting go of my oldest child to go to college in spain to propositions and policies that will guide our work over many years in the future and now to the loss of dear friends and colleagues and to the near gaekt e death of my own sister growth and which he imagines and successes are here the most tragedies in new york rims us that growth takes a long
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time and success is measured incremental and challenges are hereer when we don't respect the lives around us those are greater reminders while investing no our young people is our collective impersonator one prudentially is a that talents the future and renders the present inacceptable my commitment and dedication to our young people and teachers and have parent and administrator and our incredible city remains unwavering i'll do my work for the greater quality with more opportunity to the critical transitioned of students and expand the innovation and technology exposure to college and career while providing the necessary support and downloading down on our private-public partners so the
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investments in our young people are intentional and purposeful and entirely and unwavering i'll continue to be the biggest cheerleaders and take the necessary energy to tomorrow i turn 50 years old and they did not hesitate to send mayor edwin lee me my aarp card if i follow the path of any parents i have only lived half my life at the end of this term nearly a quarter of my life would have been serving the reactor board of education i'm maple for my colleagues on the board and the superintendents we've supported and believed in to be he helm of this courageous district we've
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proven we are focusing relocate awhile declaring a quality education to students particularly those who deny on us i'm grateful to the community that makes the young lives a priority and constant. >> to be are that surrounded by people that put a stake in the ground for our democracy and declare public education as a right not a privilege and to honor the education of our young people is one of the highest you orders we're announced to carry out education is the turnkey the key that equals the highest rate of return and can't be taken away i truly believe that the more we stretch our minds the harder it is to go back and the more we stretch our hearts is the more we don't want to go
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back i'm honored to be given the opportunity to serve 4 more years i take the oath of office seriously and i want to thank you for believing in me but believing in our young people no matter the rates or the culture or the economic background or religious beliefs you believe too a young person is almost the satisfied person it means he he or she has going up and down gone from believing nothing to knowing nothing thank you for allowing me an opportunity to give back to a city i love 3 my mission is to thrive and do so with passion and compassion and
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humor and style i will lend with my fourth and final quote i've enter woven together spoken by our beloved poet mia using my love and respect for her work and supports four i have learned do go through life with a catchers admit on both hands you need to throw something back like our poet and 3 time world series and our golden state warriors i'll continue to work with passion and integrity and as a team player with her eye on the prize a trophy of hope a trophy of pride and success that deems with a strong foundation the right people and positive
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attitude anything is possible thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity (clapping) and this was beautiful thank you before i introduce our next commissioner, i would to thank you for the opportunity to recognize the notables in our audience with the black school educators is emily thank you for being here (clapping) a truly incredible partner with the school district our director of the department of children youth and families thank you mare are a a apartment of you ucsf students i'd like to briefly anyone that is here from
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the san francisco unified school district i would like you to briefing stand we have quite the attendance you will have you who work for sfusd and i'd like to recognize carmen chu where is carman our assessor how about a round of applause for carmen chu at this point i'd like i i'd like to recognize and invite to the podium the vice president of the board of education dr. murase (clapping) and good evening, everyone. >> good evening. >> oh, you can do better than that good evening, everyone. >> good evening. >> over the past year people
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ask why do i do this i'm working few times and have two children in school it's back to my father we lost him 5 years ago he is still with us tonight and born in 1920 during the depression the son from japan limiting dirt poor out of fresno by he would what can the $2 million to school evidence and did well in school he graduated at the top of his school and spelling the last name wanted to go to school he saw his us classrooms going to school but the folks couldn't do without his help on the farm
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he say his friends go to school he ran away from home that's very, very unusual he land at uc berkley and start his college career and the war broke out and the family e vashthd and prison camp in arizona he how the his college career was over but eleanor roosevelt helped to educate the jcpenney's of japanese-americans he was a long time professor in social we feel the reason why i do this work how many countries in the world can you go from a son of an cabinet dirt poor to a very, very happy professor and social work doing what he loved i believe that every one of our 57 thousand students deserve this
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kind of opportunity i'm existing about the next four years i intend to work and a on they've expanded the periods okay. my students can't boo and strengthening our work program and making it possible for each of of the 57 thousand students to be college and career ready (clapping) so many people many, many people to thank those of you who helped me get here tonight and thank you san francisco voters and supporters my democratic women in action is here and rosa park organization is here so they've supported and guided me i wanted to acknowledge any school board president fewer and commissioner
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haney and commissioner maufas and commissioner borden and hydra mendosa and your guidance and support 0 throughout my first term i look forward to working with you all very closely in the third year i especially want to thank the newest member of of our school board family i got to know him on the campaign trail he's a great addition to our family (clapping.) so i want to acknowledge our superb superintendent and the slowly staff who do the hard work everyday if i could see a wave from the sfusd folks thank you, thank you, thank you (clapping) on the campaign trail i've talked about the republican sense i thank the superintendent but our mayor, mayor ed lee with
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the good advice of hydra mendosa to really brought together the city and the school district it wasn't too long ago this was a grand canyon agreement but to the leadership of the mayor we've grown in our partnership i also want to especially thank executive easter take care and deborah who worked so hard for tonight's event (clapping) i want to thank the judge who took time out of here busy schedule as she did four years ago and want to thank the tireless campaign manager one of the harder working people i've ever met (clapping) finally i need to thank my
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family to my husband neil who's better known as an iron chevy chief and my daughters for all the long nights and we understand i was on the campaign trail on the plus side i wasn't home to yell at you to clean up your room now i have more time so finally this, please join me around the corner at the bistro it's a block and a half away and again thank you thank you more good work to come (clapping). >> wonderful so one more commissioner that i'd like to invite up before i invite him up i'd like to invite anyone to
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clear your tuesday night but ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage commissioner anyone walling come (clapping.) thank you so much superintendent first want to give the honor to god for this opportunity i want to start off with an apologize i can guarantee you i'll forget someone's night but i promise you we'll recognize everyone that give support thirty to this campaign but to the students in the school district i wrote a letter i was remind by any daughter election night so grayish i want to make sure i do the best i can i'm going to read a list i usually
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don't do i want to start off by thanking my family alicia and the boys my mom and which were who have been my true support system and encouragement throughout any life i had children at the age of 16 and 7 we grew up together and watched me grew up my son couldn't be here by my daughter thank you (clapping) and so any be sister-in-law nick at the for being here my first time standing up publicly (laughter) i also want to and honor any mentor and to my grandfather who passed away he taught me through an education anything is
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possible i truly building that that is why you see me here tonight{sworn in and having the opportunity to fight for our students to margaret and tracey brown with believed in me from the beginning and encouraged me to run, in fact, tracey and i worked at the department of the families and she told me you're going to be elected to office one day 24 is through interaction and us working together you have to hear those words and see those words and know what people have in store to understand that this is there is value it to the things so tracey thank you >> hi, i'm lawrence corn field. welcome to building san
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francisco. we have a special series, stay safe. we're looking at earthquake issues. and today we're going to be talking with a residential building owner about what residential building owners and tenants can and should do before earthquakes and after earthquakes. ♪ ♪ >> we're here at this wonderful spur exhibit on mission street in san francisco and i have with me today my good friend george. thanks for joining me, george. and george has for a long time owned residential property here in san francisco. and we want to talk about apartment buildings and what the owner's responsibilities might be and what they expect their tenants to do. and let's start by talking a little bit about what owners
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can do before an earthquake and then maybe after an earthquake. >> well, the first thing, lawrence, would be to get together with your tenants and see if they have earthquake insurance or any renters insurance in place because that's going to be key to protecting them in the event of a quake. >> and renters insurance, there are two kinds of insurance. renters insurance coffers damage to goods and content and so forth. earthquake insurance is a separate policy you get after you get renters insurance through the california earthquake authority, very inexpensive. and it helps owners and it helps tenants because it gives relocation costs and it pays their rent. this is a huge impact on building owners. >> it's huge, it really is. you know, a lot of owners don't realize that, you know, when there is an earthquake, their money flow is going to stop. how are they going to pay their mortgages, how are they going to pay their other bills, how are they going to live? >> what else can property
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owners do in residential rental housing before an earthquake? >> well, the first thing you want to do is get your property assessed. find out what the geology is at your site. get an expert in to look at structural and nonstructural losses. the structural losses, a lot of times, aren't going to be that bad if you prepare. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. get in there and get your property assessed and figure it out. >> so, what is a nonstructural issue that might cause losses? >> well, you know, pipes, for instance. pipes will whip around during an earthquake. and if they're anchored in more numerous locations, that whipping won't cause a breakage that will cause a flood. >> i've heard water damage is a major, major problem after earthquakes actually. >> it is. that's one of the big things. a lot of things falling over, ceilings collapsing. but all of this can be prevented by an expert coming in and assessing where those
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problem areas and often the fixes are really, really cheap. >> who do you call when you want to have that kind of assessment or evaluation done? >> the structural engineering community is great. we have the structural engineers association of northern california right here in san francisco. they're a wealth of information and resources. >> what kinds of things might you encourage tenants to do besides simply get tenants renters insurance and earthquake insurance, what else do you think tenants should do? >> i think it's really important to know if they happen to be in the building where is the safest place for them to go when the shaking starts. if they're out of the building, whats' their continuity plan for connecting with family? they should give their emergency contact information to their resident manager so that the resident manager knows how to get in touch. and have emergency supplies on hand. the tenants should be responsible to have their extra water and flashlights and
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bandages and know how to use a toilet when there's no sewage and water flows down. and the owners of the building should be proactive in that regard as well. >> so, george, thank you so much for joining us. that was really great. and thanks to spur for hosting us here in this wonderful exhibit. and thank you for joining us
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